Wednesday, 31 May 2017

A Girl Called Miriam.

I met Miriam (Not her real name)In secondary school, JSS1 to be precise. We were in the same class but not the same school. We started having priceless conversations whenever we met for some school function and stuff.

 Miriam was and still is a very beautiful girl, being friends with her was not so difficult. . When we got into SS1, something happened. Miriam had issues with her registration and and had to be thrown back to JSS2( Don't act so surprised...ish
goes on in Government Secondary Schools, it was and still is a norm). . Miriam, beautiful Miriam, did not give up when this happened to her.She became depressed at some point but she went through it gracefully. When I was in SS3, Miriam was in SS1. .
But, she did not give me attitude. She did not stop calling me from time to time to meet up . Nothing changed between us. All was well. . She's in the University now, and she's doing so good. . I am proud of her. . I am proud of the woman she is and will be. She would see this, and she would know this is her story, and she would smile...because, that is who she is.... A person who smiles her worries away. 😎
Why this story?

 Often times we are reminded of our inadequacies, but even with the reminder, we do nothing. We say to ourselves.. "I'm not good enough and that is that?, I will not kill myself, definitely there is someone out there who can do it better than I can. Why the stress?". 

 When disappointments come everyone would handle it differently. 

Your method might be different from B's method.Things might work faster for B than they would for you. It doesn't mean that he/she is better than you are.It doesn't mean that you are not good enough. Be patient. Be happy. Put in more effort where you feel you lack, and smile your worries away. Things would be different you'll see. 

Change would come, and this time...This time you'd definitely love it. 

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