Tuesday, 4 April 2017

The Toughest Days Shall Come And Pass, And We Would Still Remain.


When I hear people give testimonies of how life dealt with them in different ways and how they were able to remain sane regardless,I doff my hat a thousand times. You see, it is not easy, never easy. We cannot know how immune we are to a certain circumstance until we have been made to face it.

I've heard of people who have seen just black vision, and lost the strength to see it turn to white. The just weren't patient enough.

The best way to stand strong when the wind of life blows is not as difficult as we think. From being emotionally strong, which means being resilient even after you must have experienced an extremely painful situation, to focusing on developing particular skills, making plans and carrying them out, wholeheartedly. 


Easy Ways To Celebrate Life This Week

 These things help. 

 It is normal to lose hope when things you've planned out seem like they wouldn't work, and it is okay to fret. But, don't stay there. Rise up and do something. Move! Do not let your bones get used to seeing you sit for a very long time that standing becomes a problem.

A step is all it takes. When you fall, rise up and take another. 

All the beautiful stories we hear of people who are successful in their various fields thrill us today because we consider them success stories, which wouldn't be the case if they did not experience failure at some point. 

 Be strong today. Be bold. Be Different. 

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