Tuesday, 11 April 2017

He Thought He Was Too Ugly For Me.

He Is Sad Because Of A Girl

Girls are not the only ones who develop low self-esteem. The only difference I think, is that when it comes to display of emotions, girls loves to express it more. We do not believe in suppressing emotions... 

Whether we show it when we are around people or in the confines of our room, we show it still... Now, I for one, have seen people exhibit various forms of emotion and I've seen them dry up their tears too,boys and girls alike, when it hits you, all those macho-macho wings would be cut short.

 Five years ago I met someone, K. K.

 He was a very sweet human being to stay with. His smiles could make you forget your worries and embrace positive stuff in this life. K wanted something other than the normal friendship he presented so there was some sort of awkward situation. I tried my best to make things normal, even checked to know if I was leading him on somehow, and when I found nothing, tried to talk him out of his feelings.

 It was scary, 'cos I was already used to being friends with someone, seeing them catch feelings, saying no, then seeing them run away because of of my response .They couldn't and didn't want to manage the friendship as It was ..it was not enough.

Now, with K, I was a little bit protective. I didn't want him to run away..but I didn't also lead him on. I told him things as they were.. It didn't help. Things got out of hand. After he made his intentions known, and I replied negatively , K ran away. 

That day, he sent me text messages and letters through a mutual friend. "I know you do not see me a your potential dude" He said. "I do not have six pack- No close up smile, nothing, This hurts"

For a moment after reading the letter all I could think of was the fact that he considered himself too ugly for me. Something I didn't even know. I did not see him as "ugly"..The thought had never crossed my mind.But, he thought that was why I said no. We stopped talking, and to make matters worse, some of our mutual friends gave me this same reason when they came to me. The thing is,I was 18 around that time. 

My definition of a great guy is not based on his looks. Of course it was a criteria at some point, but that was before I understood was Love was.

 Most boys assume that when girls get together, the usual thing we talk about is how handsome a guy is, or his pocket's worth, which is not usually so. As a result of this, before a fine guy approaches you(some), he smacks his lips, and readies himself for adoration.

 We Don't Eat Looks. We Can't .

 We want heroes(Intelligent people who do not think the world revolves around them).

 Except a girl has misplaced priorities, looks are not everything. They may matter, they may not.

 It wouldn't accompany us to heaven.

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  1. Looks really. One should be proud to say s/he is my boy/girlfriend.

    True, you shouldn't expect him to not run away. If s/he expects more and doesn't get it, then s/he has every right to call of the friendship.

    Again low esteem kills. Like you rightly pointed out, looks are decieving.

    I enjoyed it, though it was short. More editing still.


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