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When In FUTO Episode ....7

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Martin was Chuka's closest friend and room mate. He was the "Nerdiest" of the five friends, and also the most intelligent. When Chuka gained admission into the department, It was martin who extended an arm of friendship. He saw something in Chuka and recognized it as the same passion in him too. 

So, when Chuka came up with the idea of being room mates, he jumped at it with excitement. Apart from their usual group study with the rest of the boys, he and Chuka always managed to do a little bit of extra work whenever they got home, a habit that has kept them at the top of the department, and the faculty as a whole. Martin had a high level of respect for Chuka.

He always admired his profound wisdom, and his readiness to help people. Everyone loved him, especially the girls, and Martin loved the fact that the attention Chuka was receiving did not in any way deter him from being focused on what he came into school to do. Chuka respected him equally, and they lived peacefully. That Wednesday however, when he got back from lectures , it was to an empty room. He was surprised to see that Chuka was not there as they had agreed to meet in the house to go over some assignments. He picked his phone and dallied his number,

"Guy how far" Chuka said, when he picked.

. "I'm okay. Where are you? We were supposed to come home together. Remember we have loads of assignments?" 

 "Yes" Chuka replied. "I remember, But Ifeyinwa said she was having difficulties completing her medical clearance and I decided to help, I'd be home in twenty minutes"

 "Okay.I'm waiting" Martin said..and hung up. 

 Isn't Chuka taking thing with this girl a little bit too far? He asked himself. He was staying away from the house longer than he used to and always making calls throughout the night for hours on end.

"Should I talk to him"? He asked out loud, as though there was someone else in the room.. After a few minutes of pondering he brought out his books.

It was 6:pm when Chuka got back. He was grinning from ear to ear and it made Martin anxious.

 "What happened"? He asked

. "She has accepted to be my girlfriend" 

 "Girlfriend!" Martin shouted in shock. "Are you sure this is what you want Chuka"?

 "Sure" Chuka replied. "Why wouldn't I want to be with Ifeyinwa"?

 "Chuka, we've known each other for close to five years, and I have never seen you like this. This girl appears and you're a totally different person. You hardly come home for our usual evening study anymore, you are always out, and I am bothered. Are you sure it's not going to tell on your studies"?

 Chuka was shocked. Where was this coming from, he asked himself. Martin was a friend and a brother so whatever concerns he was having was coming from from a positive angle.He knew Martin was saying the truth. He hasn't been giving much attention to their usual activities, and it was all because of Ifeyinwa. But, what to do? Ifeyinwa was all over his head.

 He couldn't do anything without thinking of her. Her smile! That perfect view of paradise! It made him happy to know they were connected. Today, he told her he wanted her to be his, and she agreed! She must feel the way he felt too! It gave him joy, her acceptance-To know that he could proudly walk around FUTO with the knowledge that Ifeyinwa, beautiful Ifeyinwa was his...gave him joy. All he had to do was to convince Martin all was well..and that she wasn't a source of distraction.

"Martin my friend" He started, and gave Martin a pat on his back "I know this is coming from a sincere place and I really appreciate it. Only a  true friend would do what you are doing right now. I am still the same person. In fact, I have more zeal to study, and more passion for growth.This is just a phase. I have never felt anything like this before, but I know what I'm doing..okay? I promise I'm not being distracted. I'm still me, still Chuka, still the boss, still your friend!"

 Martin looked up at him and smiled. He always knew Chuka as someone with a high level of maturity. He was scared this would have turned out bad and he would have been misunderstood, but things did not turn out that way and he was happy.

 "Okay, I believe you" He said. "How did you ask her out, tell me everything!"

 "Guy no suppose talk that kind thing naa" Chuka replied, laughing.. 

 "Tell me already......." Martin pleaded.

 "Lol..why your blood dey hot?...Chuka asked.. then started telling him how it went down... 

 To be continued.....


  1. Nerds really. I'm thinking, Martin couldn't have faired any better. If he wanted the stories, then he might also want to fall in love.

    1. I think He acted as every true friend should..Show concern at first, then get involved with the deal. Martin would fall in love we would get to find out...*Did I just do something?*


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