Monday, 20 March 2017

What We Need In This World Is More Built In Redundancy.

Something I learned in Information Technology. It talks about how computers in a peer-to-peer network(computers connected to each other in a network) can access information from each other, and can rely on each other when any of them goes down. 

 This is , a beautiful illustration of how the world should work. We are so, so pre-occupied with our business that we do not notice when someone around us needs help.

There is a mentally challenged boy that roams the street near my lodge in school, and all the time I see him, always in a purple polo. I get scared you know, the kind of fear that grips you when you feel a mentally challenged individual roaming the street is going to catch you, and beat you, and play with your body parts or something. Yes. That kind of fear. So, anytime I see him, I run, or I cross over to the other side of the road.

 My reaction is the same as most people I have seen, everyone preventing embarrassment. So, whenever the boy in the purple polo walks into any shop, all he gets is "Shoo, shoo, shoo". I am sure whenever the lord heals him, he would not forget that line. "Shoo, shoo, shoo" would always ring in his head I presume, like an alarm drifting into snooze period.

One day, I saw him picking up rotten "Okpa" from the trash. He was happy, and kept on looking at the fungi dominated nylon, happy at his new discovery.I told myself "He's not going to eat it, he would discover it is rotten and it rotten and throw it away", but alas!, he did not discover, for he chewed into the double-coloured-looking-nylon,( a colour that developed as a result of the fungi). and went away with his prize. That image has been in my head ever since. Trust me, ever since. 

 So, one day, I came down to get pepper, and then I saw about three Hausa guys doing something spectacular. They were shaving the purple coloured polo boy's hair! They were doing it, they were really doing it. I was happy. The boy was happy, he was smiling. He was even happier after they gave him a bath and then he went his way.

 Fine boy! I am sure that if he had gone as far at Nekede at that very time, nobody would have "shooed" him away.

This is what the world should be like, a world with more built in redundancy. Maybe with time, I would stop getting scared when I encounter mentally ill people. Maybe with time, the image of the fungi infested nylon would leave my head. Maybe. With Time.

 I appreciate all those who take care of people who cannot take care of themselves. When I see mentally and physically challenged people walking up and down the surface of the earth, putting on a new polo, or eating clean snack, I am happy.

 I am happy that there are people who still attend to them, people who do not chase them away with ugly words like "Shoo, Shoo, Shoo".

 Je T'aime.

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