Monday, 13 March 2017

Happiness In The Form Of Early Morning Filters-And FIO-FIO.

What FIO-FIO can cause!
Good Morning.

 Have you ever felt the need to just be...without worries, without questions, to just be, like that? Well if you haven't you can go ahead and take some of mine. 'cos I am on cloud nine right now.

 I'm listening to Angelique Kidjo's agolo and my heart is merry. What does Agolo even mean. Does anyone know? Music does things to me. I find myself finding solace in lyrics that speak to my mind.. The melody, the sound. everything appeals to me.

Angelique is saying something like "ori ori o, ara jumoke ni o" and other things I do not understand and do not want to. My cousin prepared what we  Igbos call "FIO-FIO" Pardon  me for not knowing its English translation, but it is life.

 When I first tasted it, I expected a bean-like taste , given that they look the same and all..but boy was I mistaken or what. FIO-FIO gives you this village feel- I could totally feel myself going into the 70's when I had it in my mouth.


Stay happy today. Stay happy always. Find happiness in everything you see, even things you do not expect to exist.

 Do not keep things inside you, let them out. 

Eat fufu, maybe even FIO-FIO, and be happy!

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