Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Five Things About Me I Absolutely Love And Cherish.

People  always tell us to love. To love with our  minds and hearts and never leave a piece out. At first I thought this was a difficult task." Is this possible, I asked myself one day. Can I truly love me, with all my flaws and all? Can I really overlook what society sees, who they say I am. Can I really accept my own definition of me?"

  It took some experiences for answers to these questions to emerge. I found myself in situations where I thought allowing people tell me what to do would be good for a change- That strategy failed. Woefully.

I learnt my lessons the hard way mehn! Those strings I tried so hard to keep , reached their limits and came off, sting by string. This created a huge chasm between I and a few people, even caused some problems, because somehow I began to refuse definitions that didn't sit well with me.

So, because right now I am beginning to appreciate the wonderful woman in me that is blossoming for days on end, I would list out a couple of things I like about myself . Scratch that, LOVE about myself. I am not in any way saying I am perfect and beyond corrections- I do not believe any human is by the way, but these are things I appreciate, and wouldn't want to change ever. They are things that make me smile.

 Things that erase lines of worry and add fragrance in the form of deep smiles on my face.

 Things I can kill for!

 1. I love that I can be spontaneous.

 Unpredictable.A couple of my friends have told me that, that is what they like, the unpredictability. They cannot tell what I am doing at a particular moment in time, they cannot tell if I'm thinking about killing someone because my facial expressions become difficult to decipher. I like this one, it gives me peace. I do not want to carry worries on my face for the whole world to see, so sometimes(except when things get out of control) I smile, and laugh and makes lots of noise. This is good, I think.


Happiness In The Form Of Early Morning Filters-And FIO-FIO.

 2. Sometimes, my priorities are misplaced.

 A lot of people frown at this one. They cannot understand it. Never will. I mean, how do you even choose between something that presents a 100% accuracy and another that presents 10? Any sense in that?

Makes lot of sense to me. Priorities are important yes, but I work better when I do not have to disregard the importance of a second thing. I do not believe that just because it is sunny, it wouldn't rain. I love to leave my mark on every area of my life, not just one. Who one epp? That way, when one attempt fails, it doesn't shake me as much, because I would have other options. As odd as it may seem, this has brought me successes as well as failures( I cannot claim that my results have always been pleasant) and I can tell you that I have lost count of the victories, but I remember how many failures there were.

 3. FUFU.

 Many people do not just know how to wrap heads around it. Look at it now, how can a full blown African Queen, who obviously should have better priorities, advocate for such a meaningless and a can-do-without FUFU? On my facebook page I talk about it a lot, like a lot. I love it. I cherish it. I can stick to it over garri anywhere/everywhere. Was brought up to like it, and I have never looked back.

 4. Friendships are Golden to me.

 No matter who you are, where you've been, the consequences of your past actions I have seen, once you get into me, you are staying there for a long time. Of course the entry is not as easy as it gets. There would be hustles and bustles along the way, rickety buildings and tempting addresses, flowers that attract and bees that sting, but once you claim victory, you claim me and my affection.

5. I started cooking native soup at age ten.

 My mum wouldn't have it any other way. At age 13, I could prepare any Anambra/Ibgo native soup I was told to prepare. The perks of being the first. Yea..I'm bad like that, I know!

Kasie O.

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