Friday, 3 March 2017

Finding Happiness In The Things I Never Knew Existed

 A few years ago I was in dire need of closure. I thought that by interacting with so many people at once it would feel up the chasm between I and the world. I didn't mind if the closure was defined or not, I just wanted it. So, this need drove me into accepting anything that came my way..From friendships that went awry to unnecessary acquaintances, I wanted everything.

 Now the thing is.. Sometimes, while trying so hard to focus on not losing these acquaintances, I make myself unhappy. Someone might ask me to pick up a knife and lacerate my skin and I'd very well do it. It made me weak. Happiness for me depended on what others defined it to be and it was to my detriment . It was bad.

I felt so choked up, didn't know how to express myself, took anything and everything, became almost irrelevant. It was worse because I always wanted to express myself but didn't know how to, didn't know where to. Until. Until I discovered writing. You see, I wasn't always someone who knows how to place A,B,C, and D together. I didn't even have an "A" in My WAEC result, but I just knew I wanted to write. About everything. Ranging from real life experiences to things I observe in my environment to imaginations in my head and all that. I am not perfect, but I know someday I would be.

 Expressing myself In this form gives me happiness. I may not get all my sentences correctly, but they shall be seen as sentences. I am happy because of the few people that believe in me. I am happy because they care. I am happy, and, I shall remain so.


  1. Often times we make ourselves happy by making others happy. In doing this, we shouldnt alo expect a reciprocal kind gesture from them. This is the beauty of being happy. I hope my comment just added more smiles on your face.


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