Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Easy Ways To Celebrate Life This Week.

Life can be a bore sometimes. One minute you are ecstatic, your euphoria at its peak, the next minute, there's a calm cloud over your face.No one can guarantee when happiness would come,or what it would bring, but we do want it to be good.

 No matter what, there is always something worth celebrating, which I believe should form the very basis of happiness. LIFE. Without life, there would be no feeling, no nature, no peace. Without life the little little things that brighten and illuminate would have no surface to reflect on. Without life, there would be no me, no you. 

 So, life, in itself, is everything. Should you doubt this, here are a few activities to convince you not to wait until something special happens to feel good about yourself.
1. Go Shopping.

 Boutique or Okirika rendezvous none matters. You'd definitely feel some sort of way, which is good in most cases - Knowing you're doing something for yourself, by yourself, would help relieve you of any anxiety and emptiness. At least, you'd have lots f fun trying to convince that igbo woman to bring down the price of a lovely dinner gown from 4000 to 1500.

 I remember a time I had about #15,000. It was a lot of money to me considering how very broke I was around that time. I needed clothes...Different stuffs. Around that time too I had a bad experience. I was moody all through and spoke to no one.

 I remember I did not feel so good until I had done something for myself....with a very good part of the money! I went out, got the clothes I so badly needed..even had the pleasure of getting a big cup of ice cream, with a very tiny spoon.. and I sat somewhere around school, taking very smalls scoops, and counting colours of cars as they drove past. It was silly- sitting there and staring at people as they walked past, staring, but not looking. I felt good mehn! I would definitely try that again..
2. Make Something You Really Love For Dinner.

 As an Igbo girl I can proudly tell you that Ofe Awku, Palm Kernel stew, has changed my life a thousand times over. As Anambra girl wey I be... this is one very special kind of stew I don't joke with. When I was younger, I loved picking up the kernel, crashing shells, and bringing out the nuts..Thereafter, I would I would soak a good quantity of Garri ( Cassava Flakes) for our brothers and sisters in the abroad- and help myself to a very nice meal... So you see..the Awku and I share a very special bond. 

 Whenever I feel like having an extra dose of happiness, I call some friends over, and we fix up the meal together( doing this is fun!)..While eating we's tell stories of what happened before our great grand parents were born, and what would happen after we depart from the surface of the earth.. These are little things but they matter.

 You may never know when life would take its toll on you, but Dear humans on the surface of the earth, be prepared to look it in the eye and roll your eyes.

 Have the courage to say " Is that all you've got Life!?...Here, come have a plate of Ofe Akwu, you silly little thing!"...and all would be just fine. 

 That's what I do..

That's what keeps me sane

. How Do you celebrate life? Do you get lost in dark clouds, or do you dance to the rhythm of sweet music? Tell Us, Let us know!

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