Friday, 13 January 2017

Upload Your Project/Seminar And Get Paid Per Download.(SHARE THIS)

The era of going through months of stress in preparation for your project defense, only to have it discarded right after you present your work has come and gone. University Project Work is a student friendly website that pays you for each download of your uploaded project or seminar.

 Students of any degree can now feel satisfied knowing that at the end of the
day, you get paid for your stress. All you have to do is to sign up for new members or login for old members to post your work. Our website has a nice User Interface that engages the student while he/she is online. There is also a dashboard to display your earnings.

Submitters can feel rest assured knowing that payments would be made as soon as you reach the payment threshold and have satisfied all conditions. What's more, the pay is attractive too! Think of having a wide range of individuals downloading your work to be used for reference purposes or future work, and paying you for it in return? Cool right? Hurry up and sign up as first persons to do so will have their projects filled to the top of the page for easy assessment.

 University Project Work is here to stay and make students happy and satisfied. Visit to SIGN UP now!!

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  1. UPW has earned me some cash during d xmas season. UPW rocks


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