Thursday, 19 January 2017

I Once Fell In Love With A Pepper Seller.

I once fell in love with a pepper seller. A unique and strange kind of love. My mother does not know this,but if she gets to read this post, she would understand why I came home with a very long face that refused to curve for days on end.

I once fell in love with a pepper seller. He was tall, light skinned. I loved the way he could balance his woven tray on his head and scream "Pepper"  with all his strength's might.
I loved the way he screamed it,  and sometimes, around four in the evening, I would place my chair in my father's room just before the window   facing the street,waiting for this wonderboy who didn't know I existed, who I wanted to say hi to just once. Only once.
One day, my opportunity came. It was four in the evening... again . A friend of mine who lived near my street wanted us to meet,so I dressed to the best of my teenage capacity.
On getting to her house, just before I could open the large brown gate, I saw him.
Yes I saw him. My beautiful pepper seller with the beautiful voice. I closed the gate and did not get in again. I just stood there, waiting for him to come close. He did, but he had someone with him.

A girl who sold groundnuts. She said something funny and he laughed and laughed. He didn't stop laughing. Even when he got close to where I was he didn't stop. I began to think he was doing it on purpose.
They walked past me, the both of them. She with her tray of groundnuts, he with his tray of pepper... Different interests, same ground.
And I was just there, having my own fair share of trials at what I thought was love.

❤ Kasie Obiefune❤.

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