Thursday, 19 January 2017

Be Grateful For The Things That Are Yours.

Have you ever had something so precious stolen from you? A thing? A person? I bet the feeling was  negatively out of this world.
I can still remember my first real experience. I say real because it happened right in front of me, and it hurt so much.
The Nokia X2 had just come out and I was among those who so badly wanted to be in possession. I know the kind of convincing it took before My father could get me one. It was my pride. My joy. The fact that I had a phone that could whatsapp and also 2go at the same time, was a huge source of joy to me.
I went everywhere with it and was so careful not expose it to the sight of so many around me.

One day, I went to bed. Normally I would plug the phone and leave it to charge overnight, then pick it up in the morning to admire. That particular night I plugged it as usual , and then went to bed. By morning when I woke, there was a mop in my room. I was shocked. "Ahan, how did a mop get in here" I asked my Mother "Do we have a mop, mummy, do we have a mop"?
My question seemed rhetorical because no one could imagine why I was asking that when I knew we had none.
I went to the other side of the room to check out my phone and reply a few pings. No phone!

I must have picked a few scenes off a Nollywood movie because I brushed my palm against my face and rubbed my eye in an attempt to clear off any cataract that was preventing me from seeing well. Still, no phone.
See Confusion. Did the person leave a mop in exchange for my phone? I asked. Warris this, warris this?
I picked up a small Nokia torchlight, the one I was using before I upgraded and dialed my second number, the one in the stolen phone.
someone picked.
"Hello" I said.
"Hi " A strange voice replied.
"Please Sir, I'm, calling to know if you picked this phone from anywhere, I'm currently looking for it".

He laughed. He laughed so hard and said "Girl, forget about the phone, Do you like the mop"?
I wanted to reach into the phone and bite ears and push in a match stick into his eardrums. I felt bad that someone could do that , and the loss alone affected me in ways I never thought it could.
I got over it when I got a new phone. Same type.
When I remember this it makes me wonder. I felt this way, for an inanimate object, a lifeless tool. What if it were something of inestimable value, a human? what if?
I do not want to think of how people feel when they lose loved ones to death. Its like staring at the pieces of your heart on the floor and having no willingness to stitch them all up.
Be grateful for the things that are yours.
You do not know how many people wish to be just like you every single day, to have what you have, to eat what you eat, to love who you love.
Be grateful for the things that are yours. You may never see them again.

❤ Kasie Obiefune❤.

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