Thursday, 12 January 2017

A Chasm Uncalled For.

You see value. You see trust.. You see friendship. These three things can build any woman. Can build any man. If I have shared a beautiful and prolonged friendship with you over the years, and something terrible happens to us, breaking us apart,  it'll hurt.
It'll hurt because I have seen you weak, I have seen you strong. I have seen you rise and fall pushing every barrier out of your way. I have seen all these things, yet, I have loved you.

I wouldn't lie to myself saying the love died because we had a misunderstanding. Die how? Does something true and original die? Does the sun suddenly change to green because it's reflection grazed a farmland?
In fact, during our drools over that chasm we've somehow created you would always be on my mind.
People should learn to stop lying to themselves.
That a little misunderstanding came up between you and your trusted friend does not mean you should throw everything away.  Fight for what you believe in.
If an opportunity comes and you know you estranged friend is best suited for that opportunity, link them both and have peace.
Do not spend your days turning "Had I known" into a song..
NOBODY would like the chorus..
Kasie. O

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