Monday, 19 December 2016

Pride Unclothes You, Leaving Only Skeletons.

To some of us, saying sorry is such a hard thing, but what we do not know is that it might be the only word that can save us from becoming living skeletons.
When you hurt someone, when you wrong someone, and you do not deem it necessary to say sorry, to heal a wound you inflicted on another person's heart, you are gradually on your way to building a wardrobe full of skeletons, living skeletons.
For each weight of pride you add, you lose a piece of inner clothing you wear, you lose friends, you lose loved ones, you lose family, you lose yourself, and when you have lost all these things, when you have lost all these things that make you happy, all these people that bring joy into your life, you'd be left with a void so big nothing can fill it.

Look back at your life, look back at the trail you have left behind, how many pattterns of footprints do you see. Just one? Just yours? No, it shouldn't be. There should be beautiful footprints surrounding yours. Yours should be in the middle, enclosed in all the love you have built with people over the years.
Pride is a lack of action. It is stagnation.

It makes you think you are better than the second person.It makes you think there is no reason to belittle yourself before someone you think you are obviously better than, so you destroy the bridge that links you both and enlarge the chasm before you..

You say to yourself," why should I apologise to this person, who is she/he?, if she/he cannot come before me and say sorry then she/he can go to hell"
Do not be one who thinks like this.Do not show people your skeleton. Always be the first to extend a white flag, and if the second person doesn't accept, smile and tell yourself in your heart that you have tried. This is the only way to maintain your peace. This is the only way to discard your skeletons and showcase beautiful,  colourful inner clothings.
Je T'aime

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