Sunday, 25 December 2016

The Chicken Chase.

Every year, December to be precise, I become best friends with my calender. You see, I get to see my people once in a year, so you should understand why I consider this a tradition that must not be broken. Do you remember the chicken chase? I spoke about it on my facebook page. Last year december, when I finally got to visit my family after a long long time, I had so many shocks of my life, not just one, and the chicken chase was one of them.
 Here's my chicken chase story from last year

One of the best memories I have of my dad is that of 31st December 2015. My dad knows I cannot hold a chicken, it scares me.
That day I went out to by one, but I told the seller to tie its two legs and put it in a bag before I could carry it. My intention was to suffocate the chicken so cutting its neck would be easy.
When I got home, the chicken was still alive. I was amazed cos I had tied the bag in which I kept it. I just threw the bag on the floor and the chicken ran out. It starting running around the whole place. I screamed.
My daddy heard me scream and he ran out to know what was wrong.  I had already gone into my room and locked the door. The next thing I had a knock, it was dad. He said he wanted to tell me something serious.
I opened the door and he threw the chicken at me. No, I didn't faint, but I felt myself leaving this universe. I mustered courage and ran out of the room only to turn back and see him running after me.
My siblings kept laughing. I was ashamed of myself.😢
I remembered this cos it's getting to that time again. I hope the chicken chase doesn't become a tradition.
I hope this love lasts forever. This love between father and daughter.
This year however, I do not think we would keep up with the tradition. My siblings told my daddy they wanted a chicken they could feed till tomorrow and he declined  because he felt I would be uncomfortable. How hilarious. Is it a bad thing that I'm still still scared of chicken at my age?
I need a tutorial on how to handle that. I'm so ashamed right now. Please help, anyone?

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