Friday, 30 December 2016

Are You A Lesbian?


I cannot count the number of times I've been asked this. I guess it's because I'm very open and too quick to express my relationships, with girls. The thing is, I do not see why I would I would love someone and not express it, like, when a girl has succulent lips I should be able to appreciate it without anyone asking me how I found out.

Somehow, we've placed ourselves in a certain circle of thinking and
are too scared to come out for fear of what society would think.

If you love someone, regardless of gender, you should be able to, in your own words, express your feelings, extend your gratitude, show your admiration. Untie society's hands from this part of your life. It drains you.

Of course while doing so, use your seventh sense. Don't overdo. Respect the second's person's privacy and opinion. If you get misunderstood while being you, desist from making the whole situation even more weired.  If telling a fellow girl "you look sexy in that outfit" would spring up questions like" What's that supposed to mean"?, don't drop compliments anymore.

Above all, be you.

Appreciate nice things when you see them. Use moderate words that would pass your message across without insinuating anything else...

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