Monday, 26 December 2016

A Pain So Deep.....

The door came open with force, and Kairachukwu ran into the hospital ward, her breasts swinging left and right as her legs moved in fast motion. She ran past the hallway, searching through  all the rooms that laid in her wake , her heart pounding in nanoseconds.

"Ikechukwu-m, Oh Ikechukwu-m"  She kept muttering endlessly. 

Someone touched her, and she turned to see who it was. Seeing it was Ikemefuna, her husband's brother, she heaved a sigh that somewhat looked like a relief.

"Where is my husband" She asked ,shaking him "Ikemefuna kedu dim"?

"Calm down Kaira, he's in the last room over" He answered, pointing towards a room at the end of the hallway. He was her husband's immediate elder brother and best friend. He was what outsiders called "An angel in human form". He and Ikechukwu, his brother and Kairachukwu's husband were the perfect definition of close. They did everything together and acted like twins even though Ikemefuna was older by 3 years.  When Ikechukwu brought Kaira home and made his intentions to marry her known to his people, he was the most elated. He had watched Kaira love his brother with all her might,  all through the though times they had experienced together, and was particularly shocked when Ikechukwu told him she was the one who gave him the capital he had used to start his business. He gave his consent right away, and with his consent, every one else's followed, after all he was the Diokpala, and he had a keen discerning spirit. 

To see Kaira now, the way she was, scattered and scared, was heartbreaking. He was heartbroken himself, and felt like a part of him was leaving him . Ikechukwu was involved in an accident, on his way back from China. He had called him to say he shouldn't bother coming to pick him from the airport, that he was going straight home to be with his wife. Not up to thirty minutes after the call, Ikemefuna had received another call from an unknown number, requesting his presence at a hospital not so far away from where he stayed. He had gone immediately, having heard from the person speaking that his brother was involved in a hit and run accident involving a trailer carrying logs of wood, and the taxi his brother was in.

On getting to the hospital he was met with a shattered body. Shattered pieces of Ikechukwu. He hadn't believed at first when the nurses told him Ikechukwu was in a very bad shape when he was brought in and  even though they tried everything within their power,  he did not make it. 

He had screamed, his voice echoing all over the place. The nurses held him to prevent him from hurting himself. He was not himself for about three hours, and  it was only after then he picked his phone to call Kaira, his hands shaking as he pressed the buttons.

Now she was here, shaking in his arms, with the same rhythm as his heart, their interests aligned, and with fear in the background. How could he tell her? he asked himself What should he say? How would she take........

"Ikemefuna talk to me!!!!" Kaira screamed, shaking him out of his thoughts.

He had to tell her" He said to himself again. He just had to.


"Ikechukwu has gone"

"Gone"? Kaira asked. "Gone to where"? her voice shook as she asked again, scared.

"He was involved in an accident. He is dead"

"Noooooooooo" She screamed. "Nooooooooo, Ikem, Ikem....

Kairachukwu could not take it. Her heart jumped as she jumped, shook as she as she shook, and stopped beating the minute she she screamed "Nooo", for the third time.

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