Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Natural Hair Is Not By Force.

I have tried everything, but it seems as though I and my hair are in some sort of who-better-pass battle. Before I had my big chop, I was so excited at the thought of having long curly or almost curly shiny black hair. Puuaah! I gave up on that dream 4 months into my natural hair journey.

 I had long wavy hair, almost black( make I no lie), almost bra length. But, I got so tired of always heading to the saloon every other week, and I did not like leaving my hair like that.
Then, one day, I went to the saloon and fiam!, everything went off, one could almost see my skull.

After that, I was ashamed of being seen with very shot hair that looked like chicken feathers. I did not know what to do. At night, before going to bed, I would tie a scarf, but would always wake up the next morning to see it lying somewhere next to  me or on the floor, and whenever I touched my hair, I frowned.

This tragedy continued for about 3 months, before I could find a solution. Someone recommended Shea Butter(ori) , and It worked!. By then, I had already become acquainted with a number of blogs that preached natural hair, and I made sure to learn a thing or two from them. I learned there was something called a "Spray Bottle" , "Leave-in-conditioner", "satin cap", among other things. Using these things really helped. Not as if they totally changed my goat skin hair texture though, but they made it better.

There are some days I regret cropping my hair, some days I totally love the feeling, Other days, I just do not know.

I'm waiting to see what 2017 brings, until then, protective styling all the way!.

Kasie O.

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