Wednesday, 2 November 2016

My First Time...

It was scary. Very Scary. I hadn't done something like that before and everyone around me noticed how tensed I was. My first time on a canoe is something I would never forget.

I had gone with my sister and parents to visit my grandfather somewhere in far away Anambra. Before that day, all the memory I had of my him was that of an imaginary figure, so, I was pretty excited. On getting to the village, we had to stop somewhere along the road. I can still remember how excited I and my sister were.

After getting down from the bus somewhere along the road, a man ahead of us greeted my parents and said something about going to get it ready. I was still
wondering what he had meant by that when my Father told I and my sister to pull our trousers up. I was totally lost. "Pull it up for what naa?" I asked, as we kept walking. Then I looked up and got my answer. There was a river in front of us. A river!

I asked my Father if we were going to swim and he laughed. He was still laughing when the man I had seen earlier rowed to where we were with a canoe. He told us o get in. His words scared the living daylight out of me, There was no land anywhere, only transparent water. I got on, and he paddled. While on water, I prayed for all the sins I had ever committed in my life. I prayed for salvation, and for peace. lol.. I was so scared.

I could see fishes swimming through the water, and I started imagining what it would be like to see a mermaid in there too. I clung to my mother and hid my face between her legs. After about 5 minutes, we arrived at  the end of the river. There was dry land after-all, but it was elevated.

My Grandfather came out when he heard the noise and we ran to hug him. I kept looking at the canoe as the other man took it away, and I thanked my stars I did not fall into the water.

This was a long time ago and it still gives me the shrills when I think about it.

Ever had a first time experience that really scared you? Let us hear it?


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