Monday, 7 November 2016

Husbands In Diaspora.

This is a post long overdue. 

Things are getting really serious these days. Really really serious.

Someone sends you an invitation on Facebook. You accept. Next thing,

Facebook Man:"Hi Baby"

Me: "Hi"

FBM: "So Baby how are you? I have been checking you out on this platform. Baby I swear you are really an angel. I wanted to say something earlier but I did not know what to say. Baby I am coming back in two months time. I really love you. Baby if you see all the pictures of you I have in my phone, You'd be marveled. Baby when I get back I will come and see your people so we begin everything. Okay?" 

Me:" Excuse me?"

FBM: "Baby I'm serious. Just give me a chance. I just want ...................................You should be happy sef, so many people would kill for this"......................

These things are not funny. Really. It's nice enough that you are a man. It's nice enough that you consider yourself to be in a better place. It's nice that you are happy. It's even nice that there are such things as Facebook to connect people from around the world. But, you need to show some respect.You need to know when to let the girl express herself too. Some of you make it seem like your proposal is something that cannot be done without.When the lady declines, the angel in you gets suppressed. You then start using sentences like

-Do not allow this golden opportunity pass you by?
-Don't you want to become an American citizen?
-You should be happy I'm even asking this of you.(imagine this one)

I do think so, that we as ladies have created this atmosphere of "I -need- onyibo- husband-even- if- him- no- be- oyibo-, make- him- dey- America" atmosphere. Most of these men have no regard for the few girls that do not crave for these things anymore because they've qualified generally..and have placed them among those that do.

When you meet someone, get to know person, the real person behind all the social media facade, before spilling out whatever marriage intentions you have. Many people have fallen prey to the negative results of this circumstance, and most times it does not end so well.

Get to know the real person. Get to know her.


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