Tuesday, 18 October 2016

What 21 Taught Me

Yesterday, I was made to see love from a different dimension. I didn't know I was of so much importance to a lot of individuals. The love and care shown to me was so much more than I could handle. I appreciate all of you. Really.

As I get older, I tend to get scared. Notice the word "Tend". I kinda made a promise to myself to become a self made millionaire by the time I clock 25 which is not so far anymore, even thousandnaire sef na hard work.

For me, 22 means more work, more efforts, to actualize more results. 22 means having to remember that time is no longer on my side, having to remember that all the dreams I hope to bring into reality before 25 gets stale with every passing year.22 means stepping on the accelerator to bring out the creative and innovative me. So, how did the past year go? what and what did I learn? did I become a new me? Let's find out!

  1. First of all, ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD. You see, even at 21 I still had an eye for fine things, fine people. With time, I came to realize that there is nothing special about what meets the eye, what you see. True beauty is inherent. It is what you have inside of you that would do the magic for you when the time comes. I stopped trying to be like people and focused more on trying to make me better. This helped. A lot.
  2. People are sometimes cruel and unfair. I gave so many people the benefit of the doubt but they still fell my hand regardless.
  3. I learnt that no matter what, no matter how I try to smile and act like myself, some people would never appreciate me. I learnt to feel special with the love I get from other people, and to let it radiate in everything I do.
  4. God is beautiful. I became aware of this beautiful fact this past year. I remember the number of times I asked for favors and that he granted all my wishes exceedingly. 
  5. I realized that it is not all the time certain things would go my way. I learned to chill, and let others have their way too, that way, we can understand each others's needs and work hard to intertwine them for results.
  6. I would always love Telecommunications. I picked it as my major and I am loving every bit of it.
  7. No other relationship can be as true as the one you have with your family. It is the only true thing that would always stick to you regardless of whatever situation you find yourself.
  8. Love.Sweet Love.
  9. Don't spend money that hasn't entered your hand oo! This one dealt with me, big time.
  10. You should  know a true friend. Do not pretend to accept flaws with the hope that he or she would get better, If something wrong is done to you, let the offender know. Do not pretend it is okay. They might leverage on that fact and think it is okay to as they please and get away with it .
So, there you have it. I look forward to this new me, to this new girl, to more money.

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  1. Indeed greater heights await you, nice growing up. One of this days we would have chocolate together. Keep the pen flowing....


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