Thursday, 27 October 2016

Keke Chronicles!: KekeMasters And Their Chyking Strategies.

First of all, it was the bright blue colour that caught my eye. It was different from others. Distinct. I saw it from a distance just as I was about to flag down any random car I saw. The driver was probably distracted not to have noticed, but he did, later on, when he rode past me a little. Then he had to reverse. He came to where I was standing, popped out his head, and asked,

 "Fine sis, where you dey go?"

"E.S.B.S" I replied "How much?"

He smiled. That kind of smile that made me wonder if he had good intentions or if he was just trying to play with my head. I was surveying the tricycle as we battled back and forth for a fixed price, as I was determined to get into the keke that day. Finally we agreed on 200 naira, and I got in.

After about ten minutes of what seemed like a very slow journey, I asked him... "Oga, this your keke no dey move? We don dey this road ten minutes now, no movement, can't you cross over and take that other tarred road there since this one we are on is disagreeing with your keke?"

He laughed, and then I knew. He was intentionally doing this, trying to intentionally make this uneasy for me. If my conscience was somewhat trying to scold me for judging the poor guy uneccessarily, it kept shut when he asked,

"I fit get your number?"

I looked up at him, shocked.
Of course I was used to various chyking strategies by occupants of a keke on transit, but never the kekemaster, so, it shocked me. The reality of the fact that this guy had intentionally acted as though his vehicle was faulty, and that I was beginning to feel pity and concern towards him, that fact was annoying. I did not want to create a scene, so I quietly told him to respect himself and take me to where I wanted to be.

I'm sure he saw fire in my eyes, because he moved with such speed that made me confirm nothing was wrong in the first place. In the twinkle of an eye I got to my destination. I brought out my wallet and counted 150 naira, which I handed to him, then walked away.

"This money no complete" He shouted after me.

I walked still.

"I say this money no complete!" He shouted even more,coming out of the keke and waving his hands in the air, but, there was nothing he could do, because I walked even father away, till he could see my back no more.

Kasie O.


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