Saturday, 8 October 2016

Faith and Hope Are My Strong Bricks.

There are days I feel out of this world, days when my usual observation of nature fails to bring me happiness. Sometimes I ask myself, are you enough?
Are you enough for people? Being you, Being Kasie, is it enough?

Sometimes, the answers I get from questions like this only tend to worsen the situation I was in before I asked them.

People expect so much of you, so much that their expectations take over the whole space in you and gives you no chance to prove who you really are.

In situations like this, Faith and Hope are my strong bricks.

Over time, I've learned that having faith is believing in things yet unseen, and just like the bible says, having evidence for things hoped for. A combination of faith and hope always does  it for me. Faith, that with time, people would cease to choke you with what they want from you and begin to appreciate what you can offer and hope, in anticipation.

Having a combination of Faith and Hope does everything for me. Always. Always.

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