Saturday, 1 October 2016


I've missed writing here. 

I've been these past few weeks ,writing elsewhere, scribbling thoughts and opinions and crammed responses on a sheet alongside my course mates and funny lecturers, but I am back now...ready to take charge lol

I have about a month and half until school resumes for the new session, and I am more than prepared to make the most of it. I have lots and lots of gist for you guys, alongside so many other exciting  newbies.

Wait for it. 

How have been? Was September good to you? Are you filled with experiences you are itching to share?

Tell me.

Kasie O


  1. Well September was filled with lots of funny experience but the best part was the SUNIC fried rice and chicken �� I had couple of times with my pals ... Mehnnnn it was delicious. Especially the last one.
    Kasie can relate to that.

    1. lol. I can. T'was a Pleasant experience.


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