Saturday, 3 September 2016

Maama Loves You.

Dear Unborn Success,

       Maama loves you. Mama is doing everything she can so you can step your foot into this world. Maama knows that you are somewhere, maybe a few trials away, or you are hiding as a shimmering star in the galaxies.

 Maama knows this, and each morning when she wakes, she says  a prayer for you. she prays that the universe sees every effort she is putting into making you come to life.

  She smiles, because she knows that you are looking down at her, and that you are trying to create a magnetic field between you both so she can feel your force wherever  she is.

There have been times when you have been unable to reach out to her, and your enemy failure, smiles mischievously, as he takes steep steps to where I am, threatening to engulf the flames that you have put up, but then I hear your voice screaming in the background, telling me "It is me Maama, I am Success, never see me as a failure, I belong to you. I shall harness failure's strength, I shall take over it completely so that you cannot tell which is which, so that you can also see every failure as a success in the making, I am coming for you Maama. I am coming"

These words of yours my dear Success, these words of yours give me hope. They make me look towards the horizon, expectant.

 They make me rise anew when I fall. I have crossed hurdles because I know dear success, that you are waiting for me. 

I know that you love the way I cross these hurdles, because you know they have taught me how to appreciate you.

Right now, I am channeling all the energy I have into making sure that you are given a resounding welcome because Success, My  Dear Unborn Success, Maama Loves You.

      Kasie O.

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