Thursday, 11 August 2016

When In F.U.T.O....Episode 3

It was Wednesday. Ifeyinwa came into her room just before it started raining. She was exhausted from the day's work. All that running from 750 Capacity Lecture theater to S.O.S.C Building for her chemistry practical left her knees weak, and they begged for attention. 

She picked up a book she had left on her table , and threw herself on the bed.She placed her hand on the square tile near the wall,and watched little little ants marching in a coordinated way, perhaps singing a victory song, as the promise of a big dead cockroach awaited them on arrival.

She picked one up, and  observed it as struggled and struggled to crawl out of her finger. "Where do you think you are going eh?" She asked, as though the ant could hear her. She started imagining, as she held unto it ,that it suddenly transformed into a human being and gave her a big slap for trying to snuff the life out of it. Ifeyinwa screamed and dropped it, then picked up the book to continue reading.

Her phone rang.


"Hello Ifeyinwa, it is Chuka" The voice at the other end of the line cooed.

"Oh Chuka!", Ifeyinwa exclaimed, and then wondered why she was so excited that he called.
"Yes, it is I",  Chuka replied. "I am sorry I did not call yesterday as promised, my battery was flat and I had nowhere to charge it. Will you forgive me?"

Ifeyinwa giggled.

"You are funny" She said, "There's nothing to forgive. You still called, and that is all that matters"

"Ifeyinwa, I do not want to have my very first lengthy conversation with you over the phone so as to prevent myself from saying things which would make no sense. Can we meet in school tomorrow, whenever you are free?"

"Okay." She replied. "I'd Check my timetable. I'd let you know when. Is this your number?"

"Yes, it is" Chuka replied.

"I'd save it then"

"I'd appreciate that, see you tomorrow"

"See you"

The line went dead.

Ifeyinwa laid on her back and stared at the ceiling. "Am I doing the right thing?" she asked herself. "Why am I giving this boy my attention? Why am I doing this?

She picked up her phone and went to her call log and clicked the menu button in a bid to delete Chuka's number, but then she shook her head and saved it instead. "No, I'd meet him tomorrow. From our conversation I'd know the kind of person he is, then I'd decide if I should have him as a friend or not she said to herself.

Someone knocked on  her door, and she got up to check who it was.

To be continued.......................

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