Friday, 5 August 2016

When In F.U.T.O Episode 2

If you missed this first episode of this series, you can read it HERE 

Chuka's heart skipped. Twice. He searched around to know if anyone had seen him blush. He wasn't used to all these FUTO-boys-throwing-the-best-punchline-thing. The last time he had asked a girl out was in his SS3, and he had regretted it because he had put in his best but got heartbroken when the girl gained admission into UNIBEN and called off the relationship. Ever since he got into FUTO he had been occupied with Academic activities, and even though he had so many RCF sisters inviting him for one concert or the other, he still maintained a low profile. His everyday companions were his four friends and he somehow found solace in the fact that they shared the same dreams as he did, even though they shared it in different ways.

"Ifeyinwa" he repeated after her, then scratched his head "You have a beautiful name, so synonymous to my mother's"

"What's hers?" Ifeyinwa asked smiling.

"Ginikanwa" He replied, his heart beating even more seeing her smile.

" Aww, Ginikanwa" she cooed "Sometimes I  wish I was named Ginika instead of Ifeyinwa"

"Ifeyinwa suits you in every way" Chuka whispered.

Ifeyinwa blushed, as she kept looking  at this boy who had somehow managed to catch her attention. "Who was he?" she asked herself, and why was he scratching his head like that? "Maybe he is one of those who does not know how to keep a conversation with a girl" her inner mind told her.

She smiled.

There was silence. 

Chuka kept looking away. He did not understand why this girl kept staring into his eyes. Couldn't she just look away, maybe look down at her polished toes like other girls do when they are being chyked? She was making him uncomfortable, looking at him like that. Her eyeballs were big, and light brown in colour, but he couldn't tell the shape of her lips. They were painted in a mild red colour that matched the bag she was carrying and the colour of her toes.

Ifeyinwa broke the silence "Do you want my number Chuka?, I wouldn't mind giving it to you if that's what you want"

"Yes, Yes" Chuka said almost immediately, he couldn't believe she had asked this. Couldn't believe their whole conversation took just a few words and she had asked this. Who was this girl damn! Who was this girl
and where had she been for the past three years. It then occurred to him that he hadn't asked her department.

"I'm in the department of Mechanical Engineering" He said "Which is yours?"

"Industrial Micro-Biology" She replied, as she took his phone from him to type in her number. "Dial it" she told him, and then reached for her phone which was tucked into her back jean pocket.

"Call me" She said, and then proceeded to cross the gutter.

"I'd call you Ifeyinwa. I'd call you tonight"

"Alright then, see you" Ifeyinwa waved, and he waved back.

 As soon as he turned, Tony, Nnayelugo, and Gabriel and Martin ran up to him.

"GUYYYYYYYYYYYYY"  Shouted Tony, Obviously pleased at the scene he had just experienced "My main guy, this is by far the best day of my life. You? You Chuka?" He raised his hands to the skies "Baba God thank you"

The other boys laughed.

"So?" Martin asked, "Who is she?"

"Ifeyinwa" Chuka answered " A different Ifeyinwa I have never seen in my whole life"

"Hmmmmmmmmmm" Gabriel exclaimed as they all turned and started walking towards SEET COMPLEX "This is serious. Chuka I have a feeling we would never hear the last of this girl. I am having another feeling that this is the beginning of a great love story"

Chuka suddenly stopped walking.

"Gabriel" ,He said. "If there was ever a time you made sense, it was now, because.............. because I can feel it too".

TO BE CONTINUED............

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