Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Scattered Pieces Of Everything.

It is 12:54 am and I cannot sleep. I am seeing words fly around this room, words that describe anger, words that describe love and happiness. I am seeing them fly, but I cannot reach out to grab one. My arms are too short and the words are flying too quickly.

This post would be as you want it to be. I cannot have a blog that talks about a lady and her life, if I do not, once in a while, in the most minimal way as possible, talk about my life. That would be hypocrisy in itself.

I am looking around as I am typing this, looking to see if there are pairs of eyes watching me, or if there is a rat in the kitchen eating my potatoes and trying as much as possible to avoid squeaking so I do not come into the kitchen to chase it away.

 Am I happy?

Kasie Obiefune, are you happy?

I recently told someone my age. He could not believe it because thought I was older. I act older, he told me. " When you loosen your hair, you look quite young" He said. 'You cannot be 21, you just cannot be".

This post would be as you want it to be. Scattered pieces of everything.It would be the weirdest I've ever made.

I remember 2015. I had resolved the previous year, to kill my social life. I wanted something that was too far to reach and difficult to hold on to. Someone changed all of that, made me redefine my definition of social. Right now, I'm re-redefining it again.

Now, let me make sense.

I have a complete dentition. Not everyone gets to know this. How many teeth you see depends on how much of my smile I show you, and the people who have seen me smile the widest are limited.

Kasie Obiefune, is your normal kind of girl. It's difficult to predict me. I'm the kind of person who would buy plates of ice cream for someone who tried to kill me. I'm weired, and I am a lover of technology.

I am someone who is contented with what she has, but also craves for better. I am someone who loves with her whole heart, and hates with all of it as well. I do not pretend not to hate. I cannot confine myself to the rules of men. You would know I hate you, you would know.

I love my siblings. I love them to a point it becomes annoying to the second person. I love to a fault.

Recently, I developed a special kind of love for telecommunications. I see it as magic. I'm positive I would do well in that field. Amen.

Love can make or mar you. I choose to let it make me, not mar me.

Anytime I have difficulties, or bad experiences, I take pride in the fact that I did my best to save the situation, but it was beyond saving.

I hate comparison. Do not compare me with someone else. Do not. Whether for good or bad do not.

I love Angela to a fault. I love some else, but I would mention no names.Love is a difficult thing.

My friends love me. They tell me. Some say I am a good person and that they love the fact I do things for them with my whole heart and all that. I love it too. It gives me peace.

There is a rat in the kitchen. When I get close, it stays still, trying to act like a chameleon. But its skin colour does not change to adapt to the colour of the potatoes, so it runs away. When I leave the kitchen, it comes back again, and when I re-appear, it runs. Are we playing some kind of catch-me-if-you-can game here rat? Be Careful!.

If you read this post up to this point, I love you. Now you can describe me in your own words, let me continue my game with this rat, I think it is trying to have a conversation.

Kasie O.

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