Saturday, 27 August 2016

Random Thoughts.

Just Look At!

Somehow, just somehow, I am happy about the future. I am positive. There is this feeling of completeness that sets in whenever I think of myself in a few years to come. I know I should be skeptical because the future is not certain, but I am not. Really.

Whenever I have dreams, positive dreams, and I wake, I am filled with euphoria for an unknown tomorrow. The fact that my mind has somehow managed to sieve my thoughts, and knows which ones to present to me when I am asleep, is beautiful.

Right now, I am channeling all the energy I have into making sure my thoughts are not just given to me in form of dreams, but ideas, which I can use to make a difference.

There is a big picture. A big screen. A destination in mind, and it serves as fuel for this journey. I've had unfavorable moments trust me. There are times when I see no need for all the struggle. Whenever the feeling comes, The big picture scares it away.

Kasie O.

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