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Girl-power: Everyone Must Bow!

Let me make it clear, I love being a girl. I love it so much. If I had the power to reincarnate, I would come back as a girl child. I know the numerous benefits I've attracted because of my gender. From free motorcycle rides, to free lunch in school, to favors gotten by just sulking, tell me why I wouldn't want this all over again?

Personally, I feel  it is our nature to attract favors, after all,we were created to give soft touches to everything, to be as mild as possible, while at the same time ruling our dominions. 

Girl-power is something every lady has. It is inherent. What makes it differ from girl to girl is the way you choose to harness yours. Because most girls are aware of this, they tend to maximize utility to the disadvantage of guys out there.

A guy buys you lunch, he obviously takes a liking to you, and you know it .You do not like him back but you do not let him know. You lead him on because the benefits are just too cool for you to drop. You tell yourself you are not leading him on, that in actual fact you are just being friendly, but between  you and me, it's not about the friendship, it's about the pocket, and her many children.

I understand the happiness that comes from knowing you are getting goodies without having to spend a dime. Who no like awoof? 

Men find this disgusting. I came across this post by Kunal Kiran and found myself caught between two norms. The first being that I am a girl, and that I understand everything he pointed out here.

" I believe women are always at an advantage.
For instance, there are reserved seats in buses. There are separate ticket counters for ladies. Some trains have 'women-only' coaches. In metros there may be complete trains only for the ladies.
I am a 24-year-old guy and I find this disgusting. I respect women but if they cannot keep their pace with men, they should just quit.
Every day I travel to my college in crowded buses. These buses are so packed that at times I can't escape the breath of my co-passengers. Yet, all these years I have never found a hand brushing up my ass just to feel it.
I use the metro service regularly. I've travelled in it ever since I was a small kid. Never has anyone intentionally pushed me to touch me. Even if they attempted it, I would have raised an alarm and all my fellow passengers would have supported me and made the culprit the centre of attention. No one would have stared at my body right after getting abused. No one would have blamed me for getting into crowded coaches. No one would have muttered to his friend, "Lucky guy…. atleast he got a chance to grope his chest."
I believe women are always at an advantage.
For instance, I come from a lower middle class family, and taking a taxi to go back home is a luxury I cannot afford. But that isn't the case with girls. Their fathers give them enough so that they can avail a taxi anytime. Recently, a female friend of mine was supposed to come to my house. It was already too late. So I called her up and asked her to take a taxi. Guess what? She replied she could not since she was alone. I do not understand how "being alone" is problem. I love to wander the streets and travel alone.
I believe women are always at an advantage.
Let me explain how. You love pizza. You enter a restaurant and get your pizza on the table. You start munching on the cheese, when you suddenly realise the guy on the next table has been noticing you. He is staring at your pizza, and your lips as they move, as your fingers pick up the tissue to clean off the chesse on your cheeks. May be he wants to lick it. Why would this bother you? You don't know what's on his mind. He has done nothing that violates you, atleast not yet. Well this was just an analogy.
Likewise, in the corporate world, why should it bother you if your boss keeps trying to peep in through your shirt? Often straps of your vests and the brand of our underclothes can somehow be viewed. I take pride when someone takes notice of mine. Why do you think someone will discuss its colour, or may be play bets on its size? I am a stud. Same goes for females, right? Why do you think the view of my strap would be taken as an invitation to take them off? Women! They just make a hoax out of nothing. Attention seekers.
I believe women are always at an advantage.
Let me explain how. I may loot a thousand houses. I may burn people alive, or rip their heads off their shoulders to get money. I may thrash them with cane regularly or get marks by hot iron imprinted on their skin just so they give me money. Government may make stricter laws against people like me. But wait,what if some evil guy goes and puts false charges of extortion on an innocent person and the person gets arrested within hours - without any fault of his. The laws should be lenient. Because even if hundreds of criminals convicted of killing an entire race are let free;even if hundreds of people face the risk of being burnt alive,an innocent should not get punished.
Same goes for dowry cases. The fact that thousands of girls can be saved doesn't come as respite. Some random person may happen to lodge a "false" case (oh, the horror!). Therefore laws should change and moreover deciding penalty for those putting false charges of dowry should be our topmost concern.
I believe women are always at an advantage.
All a woman has to do to seek revenge with someone she hates is to go up to the Police station and file "fake rape" charges. The girl and her family get popularity as an added benefit.
The only risk is if she cannot prove charges. Then she will be declared a slut and a "rotten fish that would contaminate the locality".She may have to hide her identity forever, this may affect her prospects of job or marriage, it may affect her mentally and emotionally forever. A handful may call her clothes provocative, but a single poster stating: "Even if I am nude, you do not have the right to touch me" will silence them. So, in comparison to the benefits, the risks are negligible.
I believe women are at always at an advantage.
They only have to take care of household chores. They don't have the tensions of competitive exams, studying for graduation or the hard life of earning an income. What’s more, society labels a man who allows his wife to work as 'mangina'. So again, it's the man who's got to work. The result - so many farmers revert to pesticide bottles... suicide cases among men are increasingly high. Perhaps a working mother along with working father can give their kids a better life, but no…
Women will always take advantage of their gender" 

But really, everything that should revolve around GirlPower should be assertiveness and confidence. Let's give these guys a little benefit of doubt.

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