Monday, 8 August 2016

A Mother Second To None.

Mum and I. Can you see me, obviously oblivious of the love of this woman. Most people say I am my mother in every way, but I disagree. I can never be like her. I can only try to. My mother was just 21 when this photo was taken.

If there is anything I would ever be grateful for, it for suckling the breasts of this woman. I am thankful to God for bringing me into this world through you.Can there be anyone else like you?
Can there be any other woman, so virtuous, who places the needs of her children and husband before hers?
Oh, you need to know my mother!
Some of you who follow me on my social media platforms would know I talk about her all  the time, why shouldn't I, when she is, after God, the very base of my existence here on earth.

When you are in need of something, and you go to her, even if she feels you do not really need what you claim you need, even if she puts up a stone face to avoid your groans and the lines of fake worries on your face, even if she goes into another room and locks it so you do not come after her crying "mummy bikonu", even if she does all these, you can be rest assured you'd get what you want.
You can be rest assured that she would come into your room, to check on you, to pretend she wants to send you on an errand just so you'd talk to her and forgive her for no giving you some money you asked for. Money that she'd still give if you start singing "Nnem Nnem o" and "Sweet Mother".
My mother is everything, the number one reason I work hard, my light at the end of the tunnel, My gem, Nnem oma!
When I went home last year for the long vacation, my mother stopped going out. She would bring a stool into the room where I was, just to look at my face, just to say "Chito, Ada Ada I miss you oo!"
She was always with me. She always came back to the house early because of me, and my siblings too. On the day I was to go back to school, she literally followed me everywhere, smiled at conversations I was having with people on the phone, smiled at the way I was speaking GST, asking me what Chyking meant, and what Shyting bucket was.
Nobody can say he/she does not like my mother. It is impossible to even think it, talk more of speaking it out. My mother is a mum of all.
She is a gem! My gem.
On this anniversary of your birth, I wish you long life. I want you to experience the wonderful things God has been doing and will continue to do in your life.

I Love you. Happy Birthday.

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