Thursday, 21 July 2016

When Our Demons Come Out To Play.

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Our demons live within us, whether we know it or not. They are present when we laugh, when we play, when we fall in love. They are present during our life's trials, when we cry, and when we experience a baby's first tooth growth.

Our demons , are sometimes our very essence of living. They remind us that mistakes are a part of being human, they remind us that love, happiness, beauty and nature are the beautiful parts of one side of a coin. Our demons remind us that they dominate the second side.

When you raise your voice above high pitch in anger during a conversation with a friend, it is your demon, threatening to come out to play.

You know your demons have left their vicinity when that anger takes the better part of you.

But, possessing demons is not really a bad thing,after all, life itself must have a a balance. There must be good and bad, right and wrong,and of course, Angels and Demons. Your personality depends on how much authority you have given to the former or latter.

So beauts, your demons can come out to play, but please, do not let them take control of the playground.
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  1. This article is very true. There are times we should unleash the demons but if we are not strong enough to control them, it is better to let the sleeping dogs lie.
    We can do such by overlooking things as they come.

  2. That is true dear, but sometimes, emotions do not let us. You cannot prevent anger and all other vices when they come, but you can control them.


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