Thursday, 28 July 2016

Motherhood And The Joy Of Wrinkles.

Artwork by @Jeremiahquarshie on Instagram

When you look at this painting, what comes to mind? Is it the almost perfect use of colour, or the story behind this woman? or perhaps it is a combination of the colour and the story.
Whatever comes to mind, I bet you cannot deny the reality of this painting. Jeremiah is such a talented artist, you should check him out.

This is the picture of a woman who takes pride in the fact that she has seen enough yellow gallons all her life. A woman whose assets are not flashy cars and mighty buildings, but the successes of her different children. Whether her heels have cracked lines that run from North to South, she does not mind. It does not matter, she would sell her smooth sole  for her children's happiness.

Do you mock her because she has wrinkles that  has dominated her once beautifully structured face? She has nothing but smiles for you. Nothing but smiles because you do not know she made a trade. She traded her preen skin to see her children go through school and become the world's next big thing.But, you do not know, so you are allowed to mock her.

You have been to America, London, Dubai, you have been to all the beautiful  places in the world, and bowed before the mightiest kings. You have taken selfies in the Sahara Desert and seen as sunset drained the blue from the sky and brought forth orange. You have seen transparent oceans and eaten Chinese food
. Your joy comes from knowing you have experienced everything one can call "fine" on earth, so almost get crippled with shock when she tells you she she has been to all those fine places too.

You wonder when. You wonder how. You wonder because you've never seen her leave Eke-Onuwa Market.

But she tells you she visited America when Chuka brought home that scholarship letter from the U. S. She tells you she went to America that day in her heart, to bless the land. To pray Chukwu Abiama should guide and protect Chuka, because he was the apple of her eye, and that Chuka would be coming home the very next week,having spent Seven years there, to take her and his sister, your daughter Chiamaka to same America you have visited so many times in reality, and she in her dreams. 

You did not know all these things, and so you have mocked her. But now, looking at her, you see her wrinkles, her joy and proof of motherhood, so you kneel before her
, you place your head on her laps, and pray that she blesses you, so your heart can be white again and the blackness of your mockery can go into extinction.


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  2. Beautiful! This nearly made me cry as I could relate this painting and the clinically written story to my persevering and ever cheerful mother in the East.

    Well done, Admin. May the good prayers of all hardworking mothers be with you.

  3. Awesome writeup. I felt something when reading


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