Friday, 17 June 2016

It Starts Now.

Sometimes, while listening to a particular song, something clicks in my brain. It may be the lyrics, it may not be, but I know i always feel something click. When people talk about deja vu, I tend to carve out a meaning almost similar but different from the norm.

Just last week, my mother while relaying some things to me, mentioned the name of my former street. The minute I heard it, blood rushed into my brain. I could feel it, flowing through me, struggling to connect with the ropes in my head.

Memories of children running up and down, clothed in nothing but pants devoid of their original colour, struggling to fetch water from the local tap. I remembered the house, that building that housed thirteen years of precious memories, the neighbors- the brother/sister relationship between us .

I have come to realize that I am making memories right now, right this moment. There would be a memory of me typing this, a memory of me walking through Ihiagwa and getting stuck in the mud,a memory of me eating fufu and egusi in "Buka Nine' admist stares. Everything I do would become memories later.

Now this is shocking, and consoling at the same time. Consoling in the sense that I have the power to make the memories I want to remember. Do I want to tomorrow, look back at my life now and smile, do I want to do that and cry? It all starts now. Everything, it starts now.

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