Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Those Little Little Things That Matter.

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Sometimes in life you encounter life changing experiences, and they lead you into making resolutions. The effect of this resolution is that it changes you into a mobile stone-skinned individual. 

But then you meet certain people. You try so hard to shed your stone skin and develop flesh, because you know that when your stone body grazes their fleshly body, they would hurt.

But you do not want them to hurt, so you try. In as much as it hurts you transforming from stone to flesh you still try. You feel pain undergoing this process, but it doesn't matter to you. You'd rather feel pain than let them feel it. Rather you than them.

And then, When you have finally transformed and shown them you can have flesh too, they take advantage of that.

Oh!, they thrown all sorts of sharp objects at you. They care less if it punctures or lacerates  your skin. They laugh when they see the blood flow. They laugh when they see your tears

"Ifuro ka-odi" they say, when you wither because of them  "Hapu ya ka-o gaba".

They push you away, because now you stink. But this is not the tragedy yet.

The tragedy, that part that breaks your heart the most is that when the soldier in you rises up, to defend you, when he puts upon your soul, your skin of stone, and you suddenly start to gain your confidence back, these people, the same people, would be the ones to cry out to the heavens that you have failed them. Reason being that you are no longer in that position they want you to be.

When you are weak, they laugh.
When you develop strength, they mumble and grumble.

One thing I've leaned through the years is that it is better to have my stone body, my original self, my queen-ship, and as a result of that have people who tow in the same line with me, people whose demons play well with mine, than to have a variety of fleshly individuals who would push and push me, until that very little amount of hapiness I thought I had, vanishes forever.

God created one of me. I'm the only CHITO CHIKASIEMOBI OBIE there is in this world. Adighi-m abuo. so-so otu.



  1. Your stone body, super contradiction, that figure of speech. Biko, you don't have a stone body, you could just define your friends, what ever comes out of it, you'll be on the recieving end.

    1. Friends most times disappoint, even after you have defined them.


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