Monday, 9 May 2016

Misconceptions Of A Feeble Minded Nigerian.

Mon Ami,

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You are gold. You know that?  and because you are gold, you would not allow anything that would take away your shine share boundaries with you. You shouldn't. Even as you are a precious rare gem, whose true worth no one can understand, you can lose your shine. 

When you allow impurities come in contact with your awesomeness, you begin to lose your shine..

We are all Nigerians, and I do not deny the fact that we have our own law and customs guiding us as we go through life each day, but those laws and customs could also be our undoing. I've come across people who comfortably blind themselves to the truth. "Oh my custom does not allow this", " Heii what would people think of me?" " I do not want to do this, Uncle Nnaemeka would look at me somehow" Hian.

It's funny you know. It's funny how women shy away from speaking the truth for fear of being called feminists. It's funny that we wallow in shame's background while things continue to degrade before us..

A woman has an Idea, something that would shake the world, she presents this idea before her husband, and maybe out of pride or jealousy he tells her it would not work, and that it would bring shame to the  family. So she puts her idea away, into her box.

Men claim their positions with utmost dignity and pride. No one is going to displace you from being the head of the family. Frankly speaking I do not see women who do this either by words or by actions as real women.. A real woman should know how to balance her home without displacing her husband. A woman who balances her career with her home chores is a real woman, especially if she does it so well,

Chimamanda has suffered. I've heard so many men attribute surprising behaviors of their wives to her. Chimamanda that is on her own. Chimamanda that speaks her mind all the time. If she has paved the way for other women to realize that there is a wide range of opportunities waiting for the them outside the four walls of a kitchen, or that they should fight against relegation to the background, isn't that a feat in itself?

We have to stop this really. We have to stop using culture as an excuse for laziness. We have to realize that self confidence does not come from posting a semi-half nude photo on instagram to garner likes, but by practicing mind blowing speeches in front of the mirror.

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Put A, B, C and D together. Merge them into powerful convincing sentences. Do not let a fake Amadioha from the village tell you he would strike you if you pick up pen to write, or if you wear high heels to your workplace.

We are not better that men, and they are not better than us. We are just parts of a body that must always work hand in hand. God made it so.

Je T'aime.

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