Sunday, 8 May 2016

I'm Slowly Transitioning !

My beautiful, beautiful sweethearts,

How are y'all? How is life? Did you add some weight? Did you shed any?  How is life with you in general?

My last paper was moved by a week , so I have a little time to do other things phew!. These past few weeks have really tested me. How patient I can be, how meek. I've also had to work on how I use my eyes on people. Now that's a big thing, because I've heard a lot about my eyes and how they can intimidate. 

Just look at!

Throughout last week I felt like a chicken. One lecturer like that wanted to kill my joy.
I do not just know how on earth and all her sister planets I had wronged this woman. She just did not mean well for me, at all!

She was sent to my hall to invigilate, twice, and she shoved plates of hatred towards me, twice! , like we had some sort of personal beef somewhere before meeting in the hall.. Her eyes were on me the whole time. The first day, she made me submit my script long before the exam came to an end, even though I tried to explain I was yet to finish.

When I saw her in the hall the second time, I tried to be on my best behavior... I did not even look back... Mana ka-m nu kwa!, she still moved me to the front row... 

Other than this, I had a beautiful examination experience. I can only hope to still maintain this philosophy when my results get out.. Have a beautiful sunday!

Je T'aime.

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  1. It is i dat knocked on ur friend's door to say hi.tochukwu pls


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