Wednesday, 4 May 2016

A Mother's Letter To Her Dearly Beloved Daughter.

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My Dear Daughter, Nwam,
I would make so many errors in this letter, but I do not care because I know you would understand them still.
I love you, Ugegbe m, and that is why I want to tell you these things.
I got married to your father a few years after seeing my monthly visitor for the first time, and so many years after that, I still feel the same way for him.

When I had you, your father had no money. I paid my hospital bills from the small money I was able to save from selling biscuits to little children, just behind the school where you had your primary education.
I know you are in the university. I know the sweetness that you feel when you are with the one you love. I know because when I ask you these questions you shy away and tell me "Mummy Stop Joor!"
But my daughter, be careful with that sweetness. Be careful with whiteness of his teeth and the supreme blackness of his skin..These things attract, but they are poisonous.
My Daughter, Nwam, I dream everyday of the day you would take me to London. I want to go. I want to feel the snow and come back to tell mama Nkechi about the white people. But that is not all I want.
I want to attend your convocation, shey that is what you people call it? " CON-VO-CA-TION" Yes I want to attend. I want to be so full of smiles on that day.
I am saving for my wrapper. The world would know of the woman whose daughter graduated with the number one class.... oh!
Ehen, nwam, your brother cries everyday, he says he doesn't want to live with us anymore, that he wants to stay with you. Please can you call him and tell him you have found a house for you both?
I await your arrival. I look forward to those times, once every year, when I set my eyes on you. Biko nata, lemmie be free from this kitchen... Charcoal doesn't look good on me.

Your Mother.
Nne gi.

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  1. The message was just there. There were no much errors from Mother.


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