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Curses: Projections Of An Oppressed Heart?

Photo doesn't belong to me

When I was younger, we used to live near this young lady and her husband. When I came to know her, she was pregnant with her son. My mother became close to her because the woman had a soft heart, she couldn't say no to anyone and sometimes people always took advantage of that. My sister and I sometimes took turns in fetching water for her, and sometimes we would go to her house to keep her company. My sister was particularly close to her, I do not know how or why. The age difference between them should be around 17.

Now this woman was a tailor, a hardworking one at that, who would bring out her sewing machine just outside her room door, hang finished cloth styles on the window, sit with her protruding belly, and push her legs forward while her hands did the magic.

Now why am I even talking about this woman? You'd get your answer soon.

For privacy sake, lemmie call her Mama Victor.

Now, Mama Victor's husband was a Custom Officer. A low level Custom Officer. He was young. As at that time he was probably 28. He had just finished his youth service in the village where mama Victor was residing. He got mama Victor pregnant so they had to make him marry her against his consent. He did not even love her, he just wanted to use her to celebrate his passing out parade. When she got pregnant, the family was able to locate him somehow and they got married.

Marriage was hell for my woman friend. Her husband did not care about her in anyway. When she had her son, it seemed as though he started caring a little, but as soon as the boy was able to crawl, he started misbehaving again, and oh! did he misbehave.

He frolicked with girls on our street, and sometimes , Mama Victor would call I and my sister to show us what the man she loved was doing to her. Victor was suffering, he grew thin, he wasn't eating well. Papa Victor did not care, after all he was still a fine looking young" Bobo," with so many girls at his beck and call. Something he did not fail to mention every time he and Mama Victor quarreled.

One day, she told me to accompany her to the A.T.M. I did. She tried the pin in a bid to withdraw money three times until the machine swallowed her card. It was then she told me It was her husband's card. That she couldn't take it anymore. That Victor was always crying out of hunger and that she always cried whenever he cried 'cos she couldn't help.

I went into the bank, begged and beggged. The bank officials refused to hand the card over. Said it was against bank policy to do that. Okay. We went home, got her wedding photographs to show she was papa Victor's wife, still they declined...We went home. Again.

When we got home, the first thing Mama Victor did was too kneel down. She raised her Two slippers Up and Cursed papa Victor. She Called his name and said nothing good would ever come into his life. That he would be wretched all the days of his life, and that Karma would catch up with him. She also cursed the girl he was involved with, saying that because her son cries while her husband spends his money on her(the girlfriend), that she would never get married and that even if she did, she would never hear the cry of a baby.

I was there, I Could feel her pain. I did not even interrupt her , 'cos as at then, I hated Papa Victor for everything he was doing.  The next day, as I and my family were on our way to church, I saw Papa Victor throwing her things out. Probably she must have told him what happened in the bank. He did not even allow her take victor. He chased her Out of the house. I wanted to run and slap him. I wanted to, but I couldn't. Now this happened a looong time ago.

Just last Year I traveled to Lagos for Christmas. I saw Papa Victor's girlfriend. Unmarried. Skin looking all rough. She was selling fruits near a Vulcanizer. I went to her, and bought fruits. I looked her straight in the eye, and said " Haa, Kunbi!, is this where you are? How far naa? " Then I walked away. Papa Victor is not married. He still drives his old car, still stays in the old place. I did not bother to check if his own Karma had visited him. I was contented with the girl's karma.

Photo doesn't belong to me

I am a 21st century chic but I still believe in the power of the tongue.I still believe people shouldn't say things anyhow. Whether for good or bad, It carries weight, especially once the words come from someone who has been oppressed, and is not guilty of any crime. I use mine to key in good things into my life.Beautiful, positive things. What do you use yours for?

Have you had experiences like this that shook you, or changed the way you saw life? Tell me, Lemmie know.

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Je T'aime.

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