Friday, 1 April 2016

A Tale Of Rickety Buildings And Tempting Addresses.

Yesterday she got home stressed, tired and exhausted. It was okay to use those words because they gave the perfect description of what was going on in her body. 

She had received a call from her mother, one of those calls that always left her refreshed with determination and full of strength. Determination to succeed and make it all better.

But, she isn't just a young adult, she walks through streets with tempting addresses. Wouldn't it be okay to visit one beautiful house just once? The crossroads are so many. Pulling her. Calling her. "Ada" here, "Ada" there.

She always goes North. North means forward. North means not having to look back , or left , or right, because after all, the only way out is to keep looking forward, never looking right, left, back and center, only forward.

So everywhere she goes, people tell her jisie ike!, Jisie ike Nwam!, I like your hustle jisie ike, and she smiles, she always smiles.

Is this the story of a girl who wants too much?

No please. This is just the story of a girl who wants to go home with trophies of victory. A story of a girl who does not want to be married off to some rich dude who would make her drop her certificate in a box and then parade her in the presence of his friends as his "University Wife", his price!. A story of a girl who has pride in herself., who hopes to accomplish more than just kitchen victories. A story of a Destination Unreached.


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