Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Family: Ties That Bind.

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No man is an island. No man achieves his dreams by staying alone. You need to meet people, connect and exchange ideas, but most of all, you need family because from there comes the root of all stories, the root of all successes. 

You see, not everyone has a picture perfect story. I could choose to tell you how I was born a princess, how my father slaughtered 3 cows to welcome me into the world. I could choose to tell you all that, but I would not, because the greatest stories ever told are those told out of truth, and this is my truth.

I am an "Ada" you know, the name given the the first girl child of an Igbo family by default. It's nothing to run away from. 

Once you start to build your consciousness and realize you are an Ada, you'd realize that somehow gym houses were made for you, to teach you how to balance the weight that would be placed on your shoulders.
It drives me crazy you know, to know there are a thousand and one pairs of eyes watching, waiting for one bad step to make a topic of.

I know what poo smells like. Different types of poo. But I have tried without success to remember what my immediate younger sister's poo smells like. I was still a baby when my mother had her.

Why am I even talking about poo?

I love the connection family brings. My siblings are my pals for life. We've done crazy things together. We've thrown punches at each other in a bid to be the one who would take what we call "Kocha", the bottom part of the bean pot.... Can you Imagine I and my sister made up a song , to remind us whose turn it was to pack ife baby ji awu aru... ( baby's bath things)

I and my sister made that song up when our first brother, my mother's third child was born, and we used it three more times....We eventually had to share it to two of our sibling excluding the baby of the house, who sulks whenever he remembers there is no one to sing the song for. ..These moments are precious.

These little little things matter.In the family they  make the center hold when things fall apart. Memories like this are ties that bind. They are stories you would look back at in the future and bond more, mending any chasm that must have developed before you.


  1. The African family is like a community, my father's cousin's nephew's uncle. . . That is it at work.
    The nuclear family is great, the extended family is greater only when they remain distant. Those memories of the past, if only they'ld be recorded will make an awesome tale. Nice one.

  2. Hmmmm. This is nice o! Never knew you could write like this.


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