Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Early Morning Joy.

photo doesn't belong to me

Beautiful people, kedu?

I am happy.. Let me tell you, I am really happy. A lot of experiences have come my way these past few weeks, and I am more than happy because because I have learned my lessons from all of them. I sulked over misplaced priorities, learned A WHOLE LOT about human beings, received so much warmth from family, received so much kindness from true friends, and then to crown it all, My God answered some of the prayers I've been making. So you see, I have a lot to be grateful for, a WHOLE LOT.

Some people have asked if DIARY OF A DARK FUTO GIRL (DFG), is a layout of my experiences in school, but it isn't. I created the character. Yes I am a student, I school in FUTO, and I have my own life, but I created the series 'cos I wanted to relate to students out there, and at the same time remind myself not to make some of the mistakes that Chioma, my character would make(as you would later find out).

I'm goina get so serious with this blog. This is my thing. Writing is my thing. I do not know all the polished grammar in this world, but I would continue to write until I am perfect. That is the only way to improve right?

Lemmie stop now. Ka-odi. MUaah!!!


  1. "Writing is my thing. I do not know all the polished grammar in this world". No one actually knows. You just know you know a whole lot.
    And sometimes, I get to think Chioma is Kasie. You know, it could just be. Lol, keep writing.


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