Friday, 5 February 2016


Another day to share this. I hope it Inspires.

Tomorrow,i will look back at my life and tell my children stories of my childhood,teen,and probably early adulthood.Tomorrow they will ask me questions,and flip their ears as they await answers. That's all for tomorrow.The real question is,What am i doing today?..which stories will i tell my children? ...Certainly my experiences: my trials at love,my failures,my successes and of course my mistakes.

I have made a lot of them,and i would make more.This is not me being a pessimist,this is the absolute truth.I am Human.Another truth is,i certainly do not want to make one which would be irrevocable.One which when asked about in time to come,would only leave silence in the background and fright on the faces of my listeners...
This is what i would say though,to myself and to all........

Learn to make the right choices,think more than just twice,see your destination from your starting point.During that journey of yours,what you saw,is that the life for you? Is that what you want for yourself?..if it is mon ami, bien pour toi(gud 4 ya)....if it's not,...rethink.....and then start writing that script,.....make sure when you tell that story tomorrow,it is not fright that would be on the faces of your listeners,.....but pride.Pride for you..and joy.Joy......for you were able to conquer.


  1. Not an easy journey, trying to live right so as to have a pleasant story to tell tomorrow. I'm happy there are young girls like you out there who are determined to pull through. Never be discouraged dear...Ji Sie Ike !

  2. I just like the way you twist words. Your diction is great. I just jump in to read and drop a comment when I think its necessary. They're all 4 hardwork & encouragement, Kudos!


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