Sunday, 21 February 2016

My Inner Demons.

Before 20, I was a novice at life. Yes, I can say that.
I knew things happened at intervals, and for so many reasons, but I shut myself out to the possibility that they were real. Adolescence for me was a long trying bundle of years, and I just couldn't wait to run away.

I developed pimples at twelve, saw my period at fourteen- and in between these two ages, my main companion was worry. I was always worried.

Why haven't I developed breasts yet?
Adaugo said she had started seeing her monthly red visitor, Why hasn't mine come?
Is there something in my body preventing my from being like others?
Why am I different?

I kept having a large number of merry go rounds in my head until I turned 20, it stopped because I got into this University, this world that is different from the world I know.
Here, everyone is in a constant battle with each other. Everyone.
If you do not fight, you are left behind. I did not want to be left behind, so I fought, baby! I fought. The result of this is that I became a realist.

Truth be told, my entire way of reasoning changed entirely, and I have come to appreciate myself more the way I am. Whether I have large round buttocks or a flat one, I am still beautiful. I adore every part of me 'cos God made me so. I can stay a week without make-up. My beauty is not dependent on it. Shun what society tells you.

Her Royal Highness

We cannot give what we don't have and until we begin to feel beautiful and confident in the absence of all the enhancers, we cannot pass on to our children the true definition of beauty.

Comparism is another confidence killer. I was always patronizing it, but I have stopped that too.
It wastes  my time. You should stop too, if you are still into it.
Meanwhile, I'm still on that journey, and at the end, I hope I come home with trophies, evidences of a victorious journey. Pleasant Sunday to you.

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