Sunday, 28 February 2016

Diary Of A Dark FUTO Girl (5)

This is not my story, It is the story of a fictional character I created. Any relationship with anyone, living or dead, or thing, is purely coincidental.

Week Five: Friday

With my face filled with tears and my nose dribbling snot, I stood from my bed. I had shut the door when I saw it was that devil, Gabriel, who stood near it, after telling him to go away. Now I was up again, "cos he didn't leave, "cos I had so many things I wanted to tell him, so much anger piled up inside.

"Chioma Nnadiegwu" He started, when the door came open, " ka-m bata, let me in"

I stood there transfixed, partly because I was searching my mind to know what gave him the effrontery to come here. How did he even get to know I moved off-k?

"Ka-m bata" He mouthed again, jiving me back to reality.
"Gabriel you have nerves" I shouted angrily, my body visibly shaking. I held the door protector, and stared into his eyes.
"Guts and nerves, you have them all. So you mean after everything, after i told you not to ever come near me again, after I told you to keep your distance, after everything, you still had the effrontery to come here? Gabriel are you sick upstairs"? 

I was shaking again this time at short intervals. It made me sad. The whole thing made me sad. I actually liked Gabriel, really liked him. I trusted him, and it hurt me to think that it was all for nothing.When he asked me out the first time, I declined 'cos I didn't want it to soil the way things were between us, and I was always of the perception that true friendships lasted longer than most relationships, and I thought what I and Gabriel had was one of such. I was so wrong, I was so so wrong.

I  stared at him, but he didn't move. He didn't move one bit, he just stared at me as though I was exhibiting my expertise as a ranting lunatic. His expressions said so. That was what I saw in his eyes. I could see myself through his pupil, he was so close, I made a mirror of his eyes. I counted my fingers, drew maps of unknown countries on the floor. I could feel my explosion coming.

"Gabriel, leave my........."
"Chioma, I am sorry, I had no intention of hurting you. You know I love you. I have told you that myself countless number of times."

He proceeded to touch me, and I moved back. He was poison to me, everything about him, was poison to me.

"Do you want to crucify me because of one moment of weakness, one moment of fleshly lust"? I am sorry chi, I am truly sorry, I would look for every means possible to make it up to you, to make us friends again, even if it takes forever I would." 

He left. He just turned his back, walked down the stairs, and out of the compound.
 I shut the door, climbed my bed, and cried myself to sleep.


  1. Laffs... First, I'am not a fan of love, let me be blunt, it doesn't exist.
    Second, Chioma will end up returning to Gabriel in this fiction. Its not happily ever after, its together once again.

  2. Use your head ....... U live because of love ...... Most people just try to get what they want with the love format ....... Don't forget there are people out there who still have that spirit of love and who has made enough money

  3. Lack of understanding in communication is what some people face ..... Most especially the women , in time they will all come out of it and everyone will live as one again in understanding ....... Good luck

  4. My dad will always say something "For you to perform well u need to understand the message". @all


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