Sunday, 17 January 2016

What's In My Bag?

If you are a guy, and you're reading this, I pray this gives you some level of satisfaction. I have lots of male friends and they always tease me about not giving them the freedom to peep into my bag. They say I always have something to hide and that's the reason why. A friend was even bold enough to say I always carry sanitary pad around and that's why, or so he thinks.Hehe, I laugh. Well maybe, on those days. A girl has got to do what she's got to do to prevent any sort of embarrassment. You guys would be the first to laugh at her should you notice any red map developing on her dress. Tufiakwa. God forbid, I do not even want to experience this.

So, for the sake of them male friends, so that I can rest, here's what I carry with me everywhere I go. It can be more, or less, depending on my mood, and my timetable. 

A leather strap bag: Well, what can I say, It suits most of my clothes and I love it, its just about that.

Wallet: this simple wallet, once my mum's became mine last month. Saves my energy I tell you. I do not have to carry one heavy thing like that in the name of housing money.It's simple, and it's pretty. Forget what you see here. *winks*

Glasses: shakomended, nothing else to say. *tongue out*

Fancy Bangles: I love that I have so many different colors of this I can wear with almost anything. Since I do not really dress much, and I am not a fan of colors that catch the eye at first glance, these bangles do the work for me.;. and they are cheap too... soo cheap for words if I should say.

The Mafia Manager: See eehhh, lemmie not lie. I have not read this book. I just got it from someone very close to me and I plan on starting today. I have heard stories from other friends who have read the book. I love their testimonies, I want to tell mine too.

Jackelln lipstick: Apart from lipgloss, this is the only shade of lipstick I use. Maybe I should try other colors.

Hand cream.
Lip balm
 and My flash drive, because I am an Information Tech.  student and it would feel so wrong not to have one. 
  So there!  Have I satisfied your curiosity? 

Most ladies do not want you peeping into their bag not 'cos they always have something to hide, but 'cos it's just awkward..

If you are a lady, and you are reading this, do not be shy to share what's in your bag too....You might just surprise someone.


  1. Seeing, they say is believing. U want me to believe those contents? When a "fine" girl accidentally fell from a bike recently and different spanner sizes jumped out from that ur kinda leather bag.

    1. haha... I can't fit laugh. So you do not believe me eeh? where do you stay so I can send my bag over, with all it's
      Thanks for dropping a comment


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