Saturday, 2 January 2016

Sometimes, It's Better To Keep Quiet When People Assume The Worst Of You.

I want to live long on this earth o. I really want to. To make this possible, I have to make good use of everything at my disposal, things I can see, feel and touch. Things I cannot see feel and touch. I have to partner with my God, drink lots of water, eat fufu all the time( don't be surprised) and listen less to what people say about me( particularly this, because it adds fifty extra years to your age and gives  you spinal cord problem, trust me, you wouldn't walk again).

If you are someone who loves to please please people, then you are in for a lifetime of paralysis, because the time you spend walking from one person to another, trying to correct an opinion they have of you, or opinions, your legs would tell on you.

The thing is, It is not a bad thing to offer someone a piece of advice really, but saying it to another person instead of the person it is meant for, is total betrayal. That's my own view. I am not a fan of gossip, and when I have a thing or two to say to you, I say it to you, only you, just you, no other person. When a mutual friend calls or asks if all is well, I answer in the affirmative, because whatever I have in mind has nothing to do with the mutual friend, but with you.,

Regardless of how I may feel about the second person, I would never soil his/her name. Reputation is precious, it takes a lifetime to build and a second to destroy..and isn't this life about retributions? I would want good retribution for any action I carry out, so I do the right thing.

If you are someone who makes a friend an enemy because he/she doesn't do things to please you anymore, sorry for you, you are not a true friend.That's just it.

You should know when friendship is true. You do not need a third person to define your friendship with the second. You alone know the experiences you've shared with him/her. Retrieve memories.Live in them. Set pride aside, it does you no good. It only creates days, months, years and a lifetime of regrets.

If you are the victim here...The lord is your strength.This is 2016, anyone who has a place in our future, would remain.
Je T'aime.

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  1. Assumption comes all the time from a little word ..... Pls I will rather not keep quiet but to explain who I really am to avoid confusion


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