Sunday, 3 January 2016

Kasie's Happiness is Kasie's Decison, Nobody Else's.

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Right now, I'm having a very serious headache, but I do not care. Let the headaches come, please, let them come.Sometimes, brilliant ideas are products of those headaches you know, and I have a packet of panadol near me, so, I'm good.

So, I'm sitting by my table, typing this, thinking of the number of times I have developed headaches 'cos of someone Else's matter, I am laughing, right now, because this is a stupid post, because it means everything to me.Yesterday I had a very beautiful conversation with Le Star, and when I remember it, I feel so good.It's beautiful to know that someone different from your own self is looking out for you.

People di egwu really. Adim egwu too. Everybody di egwu, that's the way the world is. Those who know me personally,know that I am very naughty, yet they tell me they love me still, and I love them back. I love them for loving me.
I get questions like..why are you like this Kasie? I don't understand you. Sometime you are gay, sometimes uptight, sometimes a loner, sometimes you are just in between all of these. How do you survive being in between, dosen't it choke? How do you breathe?

Haba! Let me survive mana! How am I supposed to answer all these questions? I do not have an answer to something I was born with, I certainly do not. I do everything to stay happy, to breathe well.

I remember one day in school, I met a guy at SEET HEAD( old school of engineering) and we had a conversation, for a long time in fact, and afterwards he offered to buy me lunch. I accepted. I was hungry. During lunch we exchanged smiles,mine was prettier I can tell you, and I guess he misunderstood the smile because after eating, he told me to follow him to his lodge. I declined politely. He asked again, I declined again and then he looked at me and walked out of the eatery. We saw each other in school the next day, he did not say "hi" and I did not bother. Left to me, I would have given him back his 250 naira, plus 60 naira  for a bottle of coke, but I didn't. It would have looked somehow, shey? The week after, I saw him at SEET HEAD again, and I went to where he was, sat down, and said "hi", then got up and left.. Hehe.. We only exchange HI's when we cross paths, just HI's..

This year, I'd develop a time table..How to act when I feel gay, when I feel in between, and when I'm moody. Take care cutes, it's time to take that panadol.

Je T'aime.


  1. Kasie you would not kill me. nice post

  2. Wen u feel gay and In between, try sacrificing ur comfort to make som1 happy, play by som other persons rules, it might not bring immediate satisfaction but sit tight and relax, wat goes around comes bak around.

  3. Ur decision can only the way u want . To make a decision to affect others , it has to be theirs....... Good communication can bring like mind decision making to its peak


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