Saturday, 9 January 2016

Diary Of A Dark FUTO Girl (3)

This is not  my story. Is is the story of a fictional character I created. Any relationship with a living person, or thing, is purely coincidental.

Week Three: Saturday

I got into my room just in time to hear my phone ringing. My mum was on the line.
"Hello mummy" I said
"Ehh nnem, kedu"? she asked, with that voice of hers that always commands respect. My father  teases her with it, saying people who call the house couldn't tell who was who when she picked.Afterwards she would sulk and go into her room, and my father would run after her. His apologies on his mind.
"Odinma mummy" I answered.
"I called because your father said you had something to tell me, what is it?"
I swallowed my saliva and searched in my mind for the lines I was practicing throughout yesterday.

"Emm mummy"I started, my heart was racing now." remember I told you I had to visit our school clinic because I wasn't feeling too well, well I went there on wednesday,and I just recieved the result, it says I have toilet infection"
"Toilet infection kwa" Her voice was on the high side "Don't they wash your toilet in the hostel?"

" They do" I swallowed my saliva again" but we use shyting bucket, then we dispose the content in the toilet"
"Gini bukwa shyting bucket?"
"It's what we call the container we use"
"Did they give you drugs at the clinic?" she asked.
"Yes they did" I answered.
"DO you want to leave the hostel?"
"Mummy what did you say?" I could not believe my ears. I had wanted to speak with her for this sole reason, to make her understand why I had to leave the hostel. She was against it and had always shifted the the matter aside, claiming the family didn't have enough money to secure accommodation for me off campus.
"Do you want to leave the hostel Chioma, because I know that  is where this conversation is headed"
"Yes mummy, if you and daddy can afford it"
"Nsogbu adiro, I would get money from my savings and send to you O, make sure you take your drugs. Do not forget to use dettol whenever there is a need to use the toilet bikoo, ego adiro for all these things that keep coming up"
I heaved a sigh of relief." Thank you ma!, thank you so much"
"Nsogbu adiro, read your books, and make us proud, that is all we ask.. take care, ka odi ba" The line went dead.
I was not myself for about ten minutes. I couldn't believe it, a room of my own? NO WAY!!!
I arranged my bed and had a change of clothes. I'd start searchiing for my precious room today. Now where do I start from.. Umuchima? or perhaps Eziobodo, where everthing happens.

This is not my story. It is the story of a fictional character I created. Any relationship with a living person, or thing, is purely coincidental. 
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