Thursday, 17 December 2015

The "SEX" Word Is So Common, Even A Boy/Girl Two Days Out Of Childhood Wants To Indulge.

You know, amongst my friends, I really do not talk about this. I do not talk about it at all. The reason is because no matter what you say, no matter how loud you voice out your opinion, People would still carry out their minds' intent.

Sex has been interpreted in different ways by different individuals, and what most people do is to interpret it in a way that best suits them."Oh it's not a bad thing really" a set of people would say "Once you shine your eye well well". " No please, do not indulge in the act if you are yet to wed, heaven's wrath would be upon you" others would suggest.

My main worry is not on the description itself, but the effect of OUR description of it on children whose years of adulthood are still far ahead of them.

Was it not a few days ago that a neighbour of mine, beat up a twelve year old boy staying with him to a state of unconciousness, because in the middle of the night, the boy suddenly woke up and took off his ten year old daughter's pants ? The funniest thing is that the girl was awake, she wasn't asleep. She liked the fact that a human of another gender tried to take off her pants.

I wonder where they learn this, sweethearts of nowadays. Is it from parents ? from society? from friends? FROM WHOM PLEASE?

Bikonu, parents, sexual matters should not float around walls that surround you and your children. You'd be shocked to know that some people still say things like " put on that sexy cloth I bought for you last week, I like the way it makes your buttocks look" in the presence of their kids. You think they are kids and they know nothing, But you forget that you have SEXY and BUTTOCKS in one sentence and that children are so so smart they can make out new sentences with just those two words!

Let's try to do things to right way, else, all we would have is a generation of of children growing old with age, developing wrinkles and eyes that pop, and having their fill of adulthood before their time.


  1. If the parents fail to teach the children, the soceity will take it up. The flow is nice, well selected that you get entangled in suspence... Nice.

  2. Enter your comment...Sex!Sex!Sex!....growing up it was the 'UNMENTIONABLE'i can only imagine the number of children that got decieved and landed into serious trouble due to lack of sensitization of this very delicate yet very important topic.i still am very grateful to the Nigeria Educational Board for making the subject matter a part of students/pupils curriculum.Thank God for modernization too,21st century parents are also playing a vital role by speaking to their children about sex,the dangers of involving so they dont go wrong.

  3. Sex education is good at early stage .,...... Brilliant mark


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